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pdf Crassus Product Catalog 2018 6.38 MB

General information

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pdf Crassus Installation Tolerances (CAC, CDC, CTC, CSC) 0.58 MB
pdf Crassus Chemical Resistance Guide EPDM and NBR 0.59 MB
pdf Crassus Product Overview Adaptor Calculation Table A3 1.31 MB
excel Crassus Modular Seal Calculator 1.1 MB

Certificates and approvals

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pdf Approval ETA 12 0410 ENG (CAC, CDC, CTC, CSC) 3.35 MB
pdf TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2015 0.22 MB


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image Crassus Logo png 0.06 MB
pdf Crassus Logo pdf 0.49 MB
image Crassus Logo jpg 0.53 MB
image Crassus Logo blue 0.61 MB