Plug Adaptor

Suitable for all wastwater pipes

Proofed material quality

Acoustic decoupling function

Variable stainless steel clamp bands

Only suitable for horizontal installation!

Pay attention to flow direction!

Item number
A | Size range
B | Size range
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA11017 73-85 69-75 100 TPE / V2A 0.5 6.0 PDF
CRA11020 100-116 100-105 115 TPE / V2A 0.5 6.0 PDF
CRA11021 120-141 117-127 178 TPE / V2A 0.5 6.0 PDF


You have for example a damaged clay pipe socket and want it connect to a pipe DN 100, regardless which kind of pipe (here for example KG).

Solution (1/4)

Use the Crassus Plug Adaptor CSA. Loosen the clamp band a little.

Solution (2/4)

Push the plug adaptor as far as possible in the damaged pipe (if necessary use lubricant).

Solution (3/4)

Now you can connect to the pipe which you want to use (Ø 100-116 mm) and push it into the plug adaptor (if necessary use lubricant).

Solution (4/4)

Just tighten the clamp band and you are done.

Filetype and name Size
Crassus Product Overview Adaptor Calculation Table A3 1.31 MB