Insulating power cables

Repair broken hoses

Sheathing cables and pipes

Sealing holes or leaks

Protecting impurities

Wrapping handles for better grip

Repair pipes also under water

Marking tools or pipes and cable

Item number
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA70601 0.7 25 3.5 Silicone 8 - PDF
CRA70602 0.7 25 3.5 Silicone 8 - PDF
CRA70603 0.7 25 3.5 Silicone 8 - PDF
CRA70604 0.7 25 3.5 Silicone 8 - PDF
CRA70605 0.7 25 3.5 Silicone 8 - PDF


You have a damaged spot on a pipe or flexible hose and need a very fast repair.

Solution (1/4)

Use for this or similar situations the self-fusing Crassus Flex-Tape as an easy and fast solution.

Solution (2/4)

Remove the transparent protective film and cut the tape to the needed length. In case of need you can use more than one piece for the repair.

Solution (3/4)

Clean up the project and start to wrap the triple stretched tape around the spot (start about 5 cm from the right or left side of the damaged spot). For the best self-fusing result, take care that there is an overlapping of 50% of the tape to itself.

Solution (4/4)

In case of higher pressure and bigger pipe diameters wrap 2 or 3 more layers around the project. The repaired spot is instantly ready for use.