Pipe-Doctor Extreme

Suitable for all wastewater pipes

Pressure-tight up to 50bar

Temperature resistant: -60°C to + 120°C

For short term repairs

No tools needed

Perfect for plumber emergency calls

For pipe diameters from DN10 - DN200

Item number
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA70105 bis 40mm AD - - GFK 50 - PDF
CRA70106 bis 110mm AD - - GFK 50 - PDF
CRA70107 bis 200mm AD - - GFK 50 - PDF


You have a damaged spot on a sewer pipe and you need a fast and durable repair.

Solution (1/4)

Clean up the damaged area take a sufficiently large piece epoxy putty and fill up the hole (the putty should overlap the hole in the pipe).

Solution (2/4)

Open the provided foil bag and fill it with some water. Now knead the bag for at least 10-15 seconds, so the water spread evenly all over the fibreglass tape.

Solution (3/4)

Wrap the fibreglass tape (use the protective gloves) overlapping around the pipe. Take care the tape is tightly wrapped around the pipe.

Solution (4/4)

Once all tape has been applied to the pipe, grab the taped area, squeeze firmly, and rotate your hand in the direction of the wrap. This insures all layers of the wrap will tighten.