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Product information
Product group Flex-Tape
Item number CRA70601
EAN / GTIN 4260391375583
Product name Flex-Tape, 25mm x 3,5m x 0,7mm, Color: blue
Product description Extreme multifunctional self-fusing repair tape. Repairs leakages as well as usable for various additional applications, as an example for electrical insulation. Resistant to fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV-radiation
Insulating power cables
Repair broken hoses
Sheathing cables and pipes
Sealing holes or leaks
Protecting impurities
Wrapping handles for better grip
Repair pipes also under water
Marking tools or pipes and cable
Thickness 0.7 mm
Tape thickness 25 mm
L | Length 3.5 m
Pressure tightness 8 bar
Weight 0.078 kg
Heat resistant 260 °C
Cold resistant -65 °C
Silicone belongs to the group of synthetic polymers in which silicon atoms are linked via oxygen atoms. Silicones are generally chemically inert and only very few common materials attack them.
Suitable for all wastewater pipes.
The product can be used for connection to all common wastewater or sewage pipes.
Installation without tools.
No additional tools are required to install the product.
UV, ozone and weather resistant.
The product is UV and ozone resistant as well as suitable for all weather conditions.
Digital product and function overview.
This product has a scannable QR code to call up all relevant product information and functions.
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