Pipe Reducer CMA
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Product information
Product group Pipe Reducer CMA
Item number CRA10009
EAN / GTIN 4260182340097
Product name Pipe Reducer CMA 110 | 90 (black)
Product description Inside pipe reducer designed for connection and reduction of two wastewater pipes with different outside and inside diameters, materials or surface texture; the connection is always on a pipe outside diameter and in a pipe inside diameter (reduction); combinable with other pipe reducers; suitable for horizontal or vertical installation; suitable for flush-mounting and soil; UV-resistant material; noise reducing design
Suitable for all wastwater pipes
Minimal reduction path
Perfect for toilet connection
Easy installation without any tools
Proofed material quality
UV-resistant, suitable for soil and flush-mounting
Pay attention to flow direction!
A | Size range 110 mm
B | Size range 90 mm
L | Length 40 mm
Pressure tightness 0,5 bar
Vacuum tightness -0,3 bar
Weight 0.094 kg
Heat resistant 140 °C
Cold resistant -60 °C
UV resistant
Suitable for soil
Flush-mounting suited
Thermoplastic elastomers are materials in which elastic polymer chains are embedded in thermoplastic material. Compared to EPDM, they have slightly poorer material properties in terms of their short-term behavior, but in terms of their long-term behavior its better then EPDM.
Suitable for all wastewater pipes.
The product can be used for connection to all common wastewater or sewage pipes.
For horizontal and vertical installation.
The product is suitable for a horizontal or vertical installation.
Installation without tools.
No additional tools are required to install the product.
Noise reducing.
Due to its construction and material properties, this product has a noise-reducing effect when installed.
UV, ozone and weather resistant.
The product is UV and ozone resistant as well as suitable for all weather conditions.
Suitable for flush-mounting.
The product is suitable for concealed installation (flush-mounting).
Suitable for soil.
The product is suitable for installation in the ground.
Digital product and function overview.
This product has a scannable QR code to call up all relevant product information and functions.
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