BLUCHER EuroPipe (Stainless steel pipe)
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Crassus makes this wastewater pipe purely for informative reasons within the scope of the wastewater pipe-dictionary.

Pipe end
Material category Metal
RXNR 35-10-M
Pipe name BLUCHER EuroPipe (Stainless steel pipe)
Manufacturer Blücher, Diverse Hersteller
DN 110
Pipe end Socket
Name of material Stainless Steel
Color (outside) Gray
Operational area Ventilation, Shipbuilding, Drainage, Industry, Civil Engineering, HVAC/MEP Sector
Di | Inside (mm) 111
Da | Outside (mm) 123
Wall thickness (mm) 1
Inside Adaptors
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Outside Adaptors
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Industry Adaptors
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Special Adaptors

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