Hobas GRP pipe systems PN1 (SN16000)
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 42-2-S
Pipe name Hobas GRP pipe systems PN1 (SN16000)
Manufacturer Hobas
DN 200
Pipe end Spigot
Name of material Fiberglass
Color (outside) Yellow, Gray
Operational area Drainage, Civil Engineering, Bridges
Di | Inside (mm) 206
Da | Outside (mm) 220
Wall thickness (mm) 7

HOBAS pressureless pipe systems

Waste water disposal, storage sewers, drainage pipes or industrial applications: HOBAS Pipe Systems made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP or GF-UP) are used in a wide variety of areas around the world. Composite technology has its roots in automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding; HOBAS has been manufacturing GRP pipes since the 1950s. The laminate structure of HOBAS GF-UP Pipes can vary depending on the requirements in terms of pressure rating (PN), rigidity (SN) or the required longitudinal tensile strength. Therefore, the material properties of the company HOBAS in their tables are to be regarded as guide values. The properties of the pipes produced, such as rigidity, ring deformation and longitudinal tensile strength, are routinely checked as part of quality assurance. Geometric properties such as wall thickness, outside diameter or liner thickness are recorded and checked within the framework of internal quality guidelines. Procedures and test guidelines are regulated in the respective norms and standards. The composite material has been specifically developed over the years and is now available for complex challenges in the following applications.

Application areas:

- Sewerage system

- Relining of circular pipe systems

- Relining of non-circular pipe systems

- Trenchless pipe jacking

- Rehabilitation of industrial pipe systems

- air ducts

- Shafts and structures

- bridge lines

- Storage systems

- drinking water tank


- High abrasion resistance

- Corrosion resistance

- Very smooth pipe inner surface (wall roughness: ≤ 0.01mm) and outer surface

- Insensitive to frost and increased temperatures

- Low expansion coefficient

- High UV resistance

- High static load capacity

- Very good chemical resistance

- High durability and service life

- Angled in the coupling possible

- Complete range of fittings including shafts and structures (seamless)

- Simple handling and uncomplicated shortening on site

Source: HOBAS

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