Acaro PP blue SN12 (molded socket)
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 109-1-S
Designation Acaro PP blue SN12 (molded socket)
Manufacturer Wavin
DN 160
Pipe end Spigot
Material name Polypropylene
Color (exterior) Blue
Applications Civil Engineering, Drainage
ID (mm) 148
OD (mm) 160
Wall thickness (mm) 6.2

The high-load sewer pipe Acaro PP SN12

With Acaro PP SN12, Wavin has developed a new PP sewer pipe system from the Terra Gravity premium line. Mature material, standardized quality and a robust design with a high ring stiffness of SN 12 are the result. The sealing system has been further developed and now offers the advantages of a shift-proof seal, which can still be easily removed and reinserted for cleaning or replacement if necessary. Tested for drinking water protection zones and under extreme loads, this sealing system offers the greatest possible safety. The complete pipe system is manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1852 and, together with the Tegra manhole systems from Wavin, forms a fully coordinated PP system for drainage. Installation in difficult conditions, even under heavy traffic, and the extensive range for both mixed and separated systems are just a few of the system's advantages. Thanks to an interior signature and the blue color on the rainwater pipe, Acaro PP can also be clearly identified after installation. In addition to the standard-compliant exterior signage, for example, the dimension, standard, material or area of ​​application can be determined during a camera inspection in order to obtain a clear assignment of the laid pipes.

Acaro PP is an extremely robust solid wall pipe according to DIN EN 1852 with a homogeneous wall structure. The use of highly modular polypropylene (PP-HM) gives the pipe system high impact strength as well as high ring and longitudinal rigidity. The almost pore-free, smooth surface offers optimal hydraulic properties, prevents deposits and promotes self-cleaning.

Thanks to these properties, economical sewer networks with a service life of 100 years can be created.

The sealing system

Due to the special construction, the sealing ring is firmly positioned in the bead. Here, the first lip acts as a support lip. Due to the four-stage structure, the insertion forces are significantly minimized and the establishment of the connection is simplified. When the pipe is fully inserted, the support lip also lies against the pipe wall. In this way, four sealing lips seal the pipe in order to achieve a high level of security against both internal and external pressure. In addition to the tightness tests required by the standard, the new four-fold lip sealing system made of EPDM also fulfills a test under a particularly high pressure of 2.5 bar and is therefore also suitable for use in drinking water protection zones. In addition to the high level of sealing security thanks to the non-shifting sealing system, seals can simply be removed for cleaning and reinserted, so that the pipes and fittings can continue to be used without any problems.

Source: Wavin

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