Wavin - Acaro PP Blue SN12
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 88-1-S
Designation Wavin - Acaro PP Blue SN12
Manufacturer Wavin
DN 160
Pipe end Spigot
Material name Polypropylene
Color (exterior) Blue
Applications Civil Engineering, Drainage
ID (mm) 147.6
OD (mm) 160
Wall thickness (mm) 6.2

The new PP generation

With Acaro PP SN12 RW, Wavin has developed a new PP sewer pipe system from the Terra Gravity premium line. Mature material, standardized quality and a robust design with a high ring stiffness of SN 12 are the result. The sealing system has been further developed and now offers the advantages of a shift-proof seal, which can still be easily removed and reinserted for cleaning or replacement if necessary. Tested for drinking water protection zones and under extreme loads, this sealing system offers the greatest possible safety. The complete pipe system is manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1852 and, together with the Tegra manhole systems from Wavin, forms a fully coordinated PP system for drainage. Installation in difficult conditions, even under heavy traffic, and the extensive range for both mixed and separated systems are just a few of the system's advantages. With Acaro PP SN12, sustainable, economical sewage systems can be created that will still meet the high requirements in 100 years.

Highest planning security

The material and construction of the Wavin Acaro PP SN12 pipe system is designed for a service life of at least 100 years. The LAWA recommendation for depreciation is therefore fully applicable to this premium system and offers long-term planning security.

Permanent operational reliability

The long service life and proven long-term tightness make Wavin Acaro PP SN12 RW a highly functionally reliable pipe system. Even years after commissioning, it offers smooth, inspection-friendly inner pipe surfaces, which on the one hand counteract incrustations and on the other hand can be easily flushed with high pressure. Thanks to different systems for wastewater and rainwater, Wavin Acaro PP SN12 RW also allows separate drainage of wastewater and rainwater, which among other things. the requirements of the Water Resources Act, Section 55, are also met. The safety sealing system used can also be easily cleaned if necessary and guarantees long-term tightness.

Proven installation security

Wavin Acaro PP SN12 RW is ideal for use in combination with the Tegra PP manhole systems Tegra 425, 600 and 1000 PP. In this way, homogeneous sewer networks can be made entirely from PP. This system homogeneity enables simple and safe installation - installation that will permanently meet current and future requirements.


Wavin Acaro PP SN12 impresses with the best quality in design and processing, particularly high flexibility and at the same time the best possible adaptability. The flexibility results on the one hand from the high ring rigidity and statics and on the other hand from the very well coordinated load distribution properties of plastic pipe systems. With plastic pipes, supporting forces are activated in the side backfill when the load is applied. The pipes adapt to the subsidence of the ground, so that a vault is created and the forces are optimally diverted to the subsoil. In contrast to pipes made of concrete, breaks and cracks are not an issue with plastic pipes.

Extensive delivery program

The separate systems for rainwater and wastewater pipes, the various lengths and the extensive range of fittings enable you to always have the right system to hand for a wide variety of applications and specifications. In addition to bends in various angles, branches, transition and special fittings are also available. In this way, changes of direction and connections to other pipe systems or manhole structures can be implemented quickly and easily.

Easy to lay

The low material weight, ideal overall lengths and, as a result, fewer connections have a positive effect on the laying performance of Wavin Acaro PP SN12 RW. In addition, the four-fold lip sealing system used contributes to a simplified installation. In this way, the sealing system successfully reduces the required insertion forces while at the same time providing the highest level of sealing security and enables quick, easy and inexpensive installation.

Source: Wavin

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