Geberit - Silent-db20
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 11-1-S
Designation Geberit - Silent-db20
Manufacturer Geberit
DN 56
Pipe end Spigot
Material name Polypropylene
Color (exterior) Black
Applications Drainage, HVAC/MEP Sector
ID (mm) 49.6
OD (mm) 56
Wall thickness (mm) 3.2

Geberit Silent-db20 easily fulfills existing requirements for sound insulation, because the sound insulation is already built in. During production, the mineral-reinforced plastic PE is used, which gives pipes and fittings an increased weight and effectively reduces natural vibrations and thus noise. Sound insulation ribs in the impact zones further reduce the noise development. In addition, system pipe clamps for wall mounting decouple the sewage system acoustically from the wall and ceiling and prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise.

Different connection technologies are possible depending on the application. Screwed tension connectors can be loosened and corrected at any time. Electrofusion sleeves easily and safely achieve complete tensile strength, for example for additional safety when laying in concrete or in tight installation spaces. Mirror welding is a traditional and safe connection technology on site or in prefabrication. It is separated and assembled without dangerous flexing. Processing residues can be reused as adapters or disposed of without any problems. A connection to the adapters from Crassus can also be easily established.

Silent-db20 is the house drainage system for domestic wastewater and conventional rainwater pipes to meet the sound insulation requirements according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100. The Silent-db20 pipe prevents airborne sound transmission and guarantees structure-borne sound decoupling. To prevent structure-borne noise transmission, insulation is required wherever direct points of contact between the structure and the pipe system exist or can arise.

Source: Geberit Vertriebs GmbH

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