Funke - CONNEX Swer Pipe System SN8
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 70-1-S
Designation Funke - CONNEX Swer Pipe System SN8
Manufacturer Funke
DN 315
Pipe end Spigot
Material name Hard-PVC (PVC-U)
Color (exterior) Gray
Applications Drainage, Civil Engineering
ID (mm) 296
OD (mm) 315
Wall thickness (mm) 9.2

The role model

Natural, stable, but nevertheless flexible cell constructions from the plant and animal world, e.g. the structure of the bone structure, serve as a model for the construction of structured pipes. The structure is comparable: the cell structure is protected inside and outside by a strong skin. The interaction of the two components creates a powerful, compact shape. This principle is implemented in the manufacture of the CONNEX sewer pipes.

The product

The CONNEX sewer pipe system offers clients and civil engineering companies a sensible alternative to conventional pipe materials. SLW 60 is guaranteed for installation depths of 0.8 - 6.0 m and installation in accordance with DIN EN 1610 (SN 8). The CONNEX sewer pipe is equipped with a permanently integrated 2-component CI® sealing system. In use, it proves to be a powerful and economical product that meets all the requirements of a modern sewer pipe system.

The material

CONNEX sewer pipes are made from PVC-U. The proven material has been used successfully in sewer construction since 1935. It consists of 57% rock salt and - in contrast to other plastics such as PP and PE - only 43% crude oil. The abbreviation U (unplasticized) indicates that plasticizers are generally not used.

The weight

CONNEX sewer pipes made of PVC-U have a specific weight which, taking into account the nominal widths, is significantly lower than that of other materials. The advantages of installation are obvious. Even with a CONNEX sewer pipe DN / OD 315, overall length 6.0 m, you only need small lifting devices.

The seal

With the CONNEX-CI® sealing system, a 2-component sealing ring, the pipe system has a permanently integrated seal! It is no longer possible to push out or even forget the seal during installation. A decisive advantage that civil engineers appreciate: seals pushed out due to design-related weak points or as a result of improper or irregular construction work are a thing of the past. The CONNEX-CI® sealing system consists of a sealing area and a yellow support ring. It works through two sealing surfaces, which are permanently tight even when bent up to 3 bar. This fulfills the tightness requirements for gravity ducts according to ATV DVWK A142 of 2.4 bar test pressure. Due to the extra long design of the sleeves, with the 3.00 m overall length, the absorption of strains and pressures of 1% of the overall length, which is required in mining areas, can be guaranteed without damage and without impairing the tightness.

Test certificates CONNEX sewer pipe

The quality of CONNEX products is regularly checked by independent experts in external laboratories and by employees during production. The results of the extensive tests as well as the national and international test certificates prove: The CONNEX sewer pipe system not only meets the requirements of the German and European market. With its excellent material properties, its economic efficiency and flexibility in installation, it sets standards in modern sewer construction.

Source: Funke Kunststoffe GmbH

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