Ostendorf - HT Safe
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 79-11-S
Designation Ostendorf - HT Safe
Manufacturer Ostendorf
DN 110
Pipe end Spigot
Material name Polypropylene
Color (exterior) Gray
Applications HVAC/MEP Sector, Ventilation, Drainage
ID (mm) 104.6
OD (mm) 110
Wall thickness (mm) 2.7

Material: polypropylene (PP)

hot water resistant

Production: DIN EN 1451-1 or DIN 19560-10

Application: drainage inside buildings as

Sewage pipe

Rainwater pipe

Ventilation duct

(see also areas of application: DIN 1986-4)

Nominal sizes: (DN / OD): 32/40/50/75/90/110/125/160

Color: traffic gray B RAL 7043

Seal: Factory-inserted SBR seal according to DIN EN 681

Chemical resistance: discharge of aggressive media in the range of pH 2 to pH 12 (see also www.ostendorf-kunststoffe.com)

Labeling pipes and fittings: Permanent labeling with manufacturer's mark, nominal diameter, standard designation (DIN EN 1451-1), date of manufacture, material, building material class (reaction to fire)

Molded parts also indicate the degrees of angle or the outlets

Sound insulation: measured value 21dB (A) sound insulation test according to DIN EN 14366 (Fraunhofer Institute) noise emission at 4 liter volume flow according to measurement with Bismat 1000 (P-BA 222/2016).

Central vacuum cleaner system: Test certificate from the State Material Testing Institute Darmstadt + T1199

Source: Gebr. Ostendorf GmbH

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